Development Data Analysis

This section is built to help graphically visualize and compare development of states in India across many metrics. We have compared the states over the post-independence period across a number of metrics to start understanding our history and learn for our future:


Economy 1. Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP)
2. Number of people below poverty line 3. Level of disparity between states (Gini Coefficient)
4. Banking facilites
5. Credit Availability
6. Infrastructure metrics, etc….


We present and compare in charts metrics like:

Education 1. Gross Enrolment Ratios (Male/Female)
2. Number of government universities by region
3. Literacy rates, etc…


We analyze the state by state comparison of the infrastructure and facilities in various states and the mortality rates of the states. We use metrics like:

Health 1. Infant mortality
2. Hospital beds in government hospitals
3. Life expectancy, etc…


We compare the agriculture and nutrition of the country and present the data for the states on metrics like:

Food 1. Cropping intensity
2. Total Food grain Production, etc…


We compare the metrics in the space of gender discrimination, social unrest, crime, security, and welfare. We compare states on metrics like:

Social 1. Crime cases registered per capita
2. Rape cases registered per capita
3. Number of judicial cases file per capita, etc…